TF100 Bakkishower med 110mm udløb

6.995,00 kr.

Kan klare 40000L dam med 150 kg koi. Leveres med 2 stk 110mm udløb. Ikke biomedie inkluderet.

Technical data TF100
Maximum Flow 50 m3 / h
Dimensions 970 mm x 467 mm x 1103 mm (LxWxH)
Spray pipe 75 mm with 170 holes of 8 mm
Waterfall or with 3 x 110 mm outlet
PP 8 mm
The Trickle filters (Drip filters) have the best biological filter effect
of all known filters for koi ponds.
They increase oxygen and have a very fast conversion of the
harmful substances in the pond water.
The trickle filters consist of separate units that you can provide with any desired
filter material.
Very fast start-up
This filter consists of 4 units as standard, placing more units on top of each other is also
Warranty 2 years.
Tegning – Vandfald

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Yderligere produktinfo

Vægt 25 kg
Størrelse 98 × 48 × 115 cm

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