Aqua Kingstone Bacterial House

199,00 kr.

Aquaking Bacterial Housing

40×170 mm – 20 stk

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Aqua Kingstone Bacterial House is a filter of minerals and ailica . It is baked at high temperatures. The open design allows rapid growth of large bacteria colonies which may help to purify and improve water quality. Bacterial House late minerals and trace elements loosely to the water which are necessary for the health of the organisms , such as fish and plants. The special porous composition makes Bacterial House to ten times more effective than a standard filter media . The large surface area makes sure that there is more to grow colonies of bacteria which are necessary for the degradation of nitrate and ammonia in biological filter systems. Bacteria House is suitable for all filtration systems, but especially well suited for systems that require a high-efficiency filter media .

Vægt 4,0 kg
Størrelse 30 × 30 × 30 cm

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