Senect Aquaculture Pro

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Technical data Senect control units.
The Senect control is a control that has been used professionally for years
in Aquaculture.
These controls are connected to a WiFi network and can then be used
everywhere with an internet connection.
The Control runs on a DVS app that is in the app store.
Depending on the need, the Control can be entirely according to your own wishes
The entry-level model is the Senect Filter Control.
This control is perfect for controlling a drum filter and pond.
It has 3 outputs of 220 volts and 3 inputs for sensors and 3 extra outputs.
You can easily control the pond temperature, but also adjustable pumps
with 0V to 10 Volt.
An automatic top-up system on the pond is also possible.
But also extra sockets for your garden is no problem.
The middle model is the Senect Aquaculture Basic.
This control has the same options and inputs and outputs as the Senect Filter Control
and can also handle sensors that measure the water values.
This control can measure Oxygen (Os2), PH, ORP but also the salinity of the water.
The most comprehensive control is the Senect Aquaculture Pro.
The Control has the same options as the Senect Aquaculture Basic.
It has 3 outputs of 220 volts and 6 inputs for sensors and 6 extra outputs.
This means that many more inputs and outputs can be used.
For a detailed manual, please refer to the Senect Manual.

Yderligere produktinfo

Vægt 10 kg
Størrelse 40 × 20 × 20 cm
Tilbehør Senect Controller

Extension cable probe 5mtr, Level probe EPS, Level probe pound PS, Oxygen probe O2S, PH probe XR1, Power switch SC230-230, Redox probe ORP XT1, Senect Aquaculture Pro, Solenoid valve M12, Temperature probe

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